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The creators of Langaroo care about privacy. Information on visits to Langaroo will be used the support technical decisions and statistical processing; not to identify individuals. Your personal data will be processed in a proper and precise manner, consistent with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR; Dutch: AVG). All data are stored in a secure environment. Passwords are stored in an encrypted form. Aggregate data on the use of Langaroo are compiled for purposes of development of the system. These date, too, will not be shared.


Langaroo uses cookies. A distinction can be made between functional cookies and cookies for the purpose of management of web statistics, advertisements and social media. These cookies do not contain personal data and can thus not be traced back to an individual. These cookies are placed to enhance convenience for users and to make the visited website as interesting as possible. Personal information, such as a telephone number or an e-mail address, cannot be traced back from cookies. Therefore, cookies cannot be used for the purpose of email and telemarketing campaigns.

Image usage

We did our best to track down all right-holders with regard to (photo) material on this website. We request anyone who feels like their material is used here without prior permission, to please contact us.

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